Medical Bills After a Car Accident

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For many people, not having medical insurance is a stress-inducing thing. However, it becomes even more so when you are involved in a car accident. You may wonder how you will pay for your medical bills. If you sustained major injuries in the accident, you may need time off work. This can lead to further financial strain on top of the treatment costs. The most important thing is getting the care that you need; consider these ways to do that.

Seek Necessary Medical Care

If you are hurt in a car accident, you must address your injuries. A hospital cannot refuse to treat you even if you do not have medical insurance. If the medics on site recommend that you go to the hospital, listen to their advice. It is better to get examined right away rather than waiting for an injury to become more serious. Your overall health and well-being should be your priority; the financial matters can be handled later.

Consult With the Hospital Financial Department

Many hospitals have staff on hand to help you make financial arrangements. If you are not able to pay the entire cost of your treatment upfront, they may be able to arrange a payment plan for you. If you qualify, the staff may also be able to help you apply for Medicaid in your state. To avoid being turned over to a collection agency, you should make a payment every month. The amount does not matter as much as being consistent with your payments.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Even if a car accident is not your fault, it can affect you greatly. If you are struggling to pay for your medical bills after the accident, consider contacting a car accident lawyer. He or she can help you fight for the compensation that you need to pay your bills. Choose someone who has ample experience in this field of law. Ask about their track record with other car accident cases; this will give you a good idea of how he or she can help you in your case.

For people without medical insurance, the idea of being in any type of accident can be very scary. However, there are ways to get the help that you need to pay your medical bills. If you are currently uninsured and experiencing this situation, call today to find out how a car accident lawyer can help you.